Geneva Wood Fuels - Pellet Quality

Geneva Wood Fuels - Pellet Quality

Geneva Wood Fuels strives to produce only premium quality pellets. We are confident in our ability to do so because we have 100% control over our raw material handling process. Wood pellet consumers are mindful of several important qualities when evaluating wood pellet fuel. They include ash content, percentage of fines and heating value. Geneva adheres to the most stringent testing parameters when it comes to these important measures.

Geneva Wood Fuels produces wood pellets that:

    - contain only 0.5% ash on average
    - produce more than 8,100 Btu/lb.
    - have less than 0.05% fines

As a result, our customers enjoy pellets that do not leave much ash when burned, produce a tremendous amount of heat and have little dust in the bag. Customers demand pellets that are hot and clean, this is what Geneva delivers!

For more information about wood pellet fuel quality, please visit the Pellet Fuel Institute website.

Quality Assurance Measures

Geneva purchases non-saw mill ready round logs and debarks, chips, grinds and dries the wood fiber into raw material appropriate for pelletizing. It is important to remove all bark and debris before pelletizing because these are the contaminants which cause pellets to produce too much ash and lower heating values. These contaminants also negatively effect bulk density which causes pellets to break down.

During our production process excess dust is collected twice to ensure that the only thing entering our bags or silos is 100% premium grade hardwood pellet fuel.